Power customer-centric interactions between
consumers and brands in real-time

Braze Platform

Create powerful customer
engagement with ease, at any scale

Orchestrate responsive, cross-channel experiences within a single interface

Enjoy trusted performance and
reliability at scale

Stay compliant with
world-class data security

CRM Automation

You can automatically collect and manage customer profile and behavioral data. Automated management is based on collected customer data.


With Braze, you can send private messages to your customers using a variety of messaging channels, such as push messages, in-app messages, emails and SMS for more personal engagement of your own brand.

Campaign Management

Create, iterate, and test dynamic campaigns and customer journeys with Braze Canvas.
Canvas is Braze’s intuitive customer journey tool, enabling brands to segment, orchestrate, personalize, and test messaging experiences—all in one place.

Prediction Suite

The Braze Predictive Suite puts machine learning tools in the hands
of marketers, empowering them to effectively leverage and act on data directly within our comprehensive customer engagement platform.

Predictive Churn : Identify and message at-risk customers proactively with this customizable machine learning model that marketers can build for themselves.

Predictive Purchases : Easily identify users with a high propensity to buy with this
easy-to-use machine learning model.

Intelligence Suite

Use the Braze Intelligence Suite to get the what, where, and when of every campaign and Canvas journey just right.

Intelligent Timing : Braze send-time optimization feature allows marketers to send messages at the times they’re most likely to be engaged with.

Intelligent Channel : Build cross-channel experiences that deliver messages on the channel which a customer is most likely to engage with based on past message interaction trends.

Intelligent Selection : This machine learning algorithm strategically redistributes users between campaign creatives or customer journey variants based on how each has performed over time.

Connect with technology partners for
more than 50 companies worldwide.

You can take advantage of our open and flexible platform.
It’s built to work with leading technologies like Zendesk, Google Cloud, AWS, Looker, and more.

listen and understand customers deeply

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