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AI doesn’t need to be complex. Let’s chat a-bot it!

Our Solutions

Customer Service

Customer Service

Strengthen your customer service offering, and provide a quality, automated 1:1 service for a fraction of the cost of expanding your agent pool. Empower your live agents to focus on complex and high-value interactions.


Engage your customers at scale with personalised, relevant content for acquisition, retention and growth strategies.


Successfully deployed across a variety of industries, choose from our off-the-shelf and custom solutions to suit the unique needs of your business.


Support your community 24/7 without breaking the budget. Off-the-shelf solutions tailored to local, state and Federal government communication needs. No coding needed.

Content is always king

Eliminate internal barriers and empower your content owners to create engaging, measurable customer experiences, all within the one platform. Too many chatbots are designed by teams who prioritise the tech rather than customer experience and content, making communication and content optimisations challenging.

Experiences your customers enjoy

Deliver timely 1:1 communications as part of an integrated customer experience, at scale. Visualise, measure and improve the customer journey using our simple analytical tools and develop a deeper understanding of your customers.

Products with a difference

Build products that retain, engage and convert more customers. Our signature features help you create, effectively manage and train your chatbot, so you’ll have the tools to understand the ‘why’ behind performance metrics, and take action.

To integrate or not to integrate?

Seamless integration with popular CRM systems and live chat platforms eliminate the need for complicated, developer-heavy solutions. Your chatbot can be as simple or as complex as you require.

Continuous improvement

Valuable analytics and the inGenious AI “Improvement AI” process help you measure and continuously improve your chatbot experience. With rich data at your fingertips, you can not only identify customer pain points, but deploy tests to find the best solution.

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