See the customer journey more clearly: Introducing the Pathfinder app

Imagine you’re a customer in need of help. Perhaps, you wanted to learn more about Zendesk’s Insights feature (as one example). Your first step might be to search our Help Center and check out one of our articles about Insights. But, that might not be the information you’re looking for. A second step then, might be to also check a forum about the Insights dashboard on the Zendesk Community. However, the forum doesn’t cover your issue. Finally, you reach out to a Zendesk support advocate for help.

In some support situations, the advocate might suggest that you read Help Center articles or head to the forum. This would be pretty frustrating though, since you’d already tried those routes. The best scenario would be if the advocate already knew what you’d tried—and could meet you exactly where you are in the support experience.

Introducing the Pathfinder app. The app was created as part of the Zendevian Cup, our annual company-wide hackathon. A few Zendesk employees, saw a need for an app that helps businesses know when customers have visited a help center article or community forum before and after they submit a ticket. They built the app to give advocates more context and help them solve problems faster. This also helps businesses know where they can improve their self-service if customers open tickets frequently after viewing certain forums and articles.

During the beta we’ve seen just how helpful the Pathfinder App  has been for customers. According to James Baldwin, Sr. Manager of User Advocacy, at, the world’s leading technology platform for community building, action and social change, “Pathfinder gives us invaluable context and insights into the customer journey, allowing us to personalize interactions, solve issues more efficiently, and optimize the full experience for our users. With Pathfinder, we’re able to spend less time going back and forth with our customers and more time forging meaningful relationships with the people driving change in their communities and the world.”

The benefits of the Pathfinder app:
The Pathfinder app improves the agent and customer experience by:

  • Providing more personalized support. Advocates are given insight into which Help Center articles and community forum posts customers have already viewed. Additional context enables advocates to more efficiently serve customers.
  • Improving self-service. By gaining insight into the articles that frequently result in new tickets from your customers.
  • Reducing customer frustration. By ensuring that advocates don’t recommend an article they’ve already read.

According to a report by Gartner’s Jake Sorofman and Laura McLellan, in 2016 “89% of companies expect to compete mostly on the basis of customer experience.”* That means customers – more than ever – expect easy service interactions. Businesses must take advantage of new technologies to build better relationships with their customers.

Kate Leggett from Forrester recently summarized the top trends in customer service for 2016 (available as a complimentary download from Zendesk), indicating that customer service must be easy, be effective, and instill positive emotion: “Companies must leverage insights from past interactions, transactions, and connected devices to deliver upon these expectations.”**

It’s available on our Enterprise plan or for purchase to customers on Professional with the Productivity Pack Add-on.

Source : Zendesk FB

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