A new way to build better customer experience

In today’s era of digital customer services, customer needs are different from the past. Customer experience (CX) is a critical part of brand strategy for gaining lasting customers and driving business growth. With the recent need for brands to shift their focus to digital experiences to reach customers, CX has become the key driving factor behind a customer’s decision to choose your brand over your competition. Companies need an effective tool to improve customer experience in order to win competitions and catch out customers.

What CX Broadcast can help?

Manage Data and Customize Target Group
Efficiently manage data and tailor your marketing efforts to specific target groups with our customizable solutions, empowering you to reach the right audience with precision.

Campaign creation
Our multi-channel campaign delivery platform will captivate your customers with engaging content, including text, images, and files.

Insight report
After the broadcast is sent, CX Broadcast will automatically generate an analysis report to help you analyze customer behavior.

Why do you need CX Broadcast?

Grow customer retention
Customer centric is a major key to gaining and keeping customers. They don’t want to receive unnecessary messages. CX Broadcast is a tool for personalizing customer engagement, helping you easily manage your target audiences as you go.

Improve the customer experience
Don’t wait for customers to come to you. Using CX broadcast to proactive engage target audiences. Take your customer experience to the new level with Sunshine Conversation to create necessary content types and connect all available communication channels.

Leading to prospect revenue
Access to generated campaign analysis reports help you visualize customer behavior and assist you in formulating and improving marketing strategies.

What kind of channel can we broadcast?

4 steps to create a Campaign

CX Broadcast will help you integrate data from third-party platforms, CSV file or messaging channel APIs

  • Step1: Create target groups based on customer data to determine the target audience for broadcast.
  • Step2: You can customize the content, whatever pictures, GIF, etc., to enrich your message types. No matter what message channel (SMS, Line, Whatsapp, Messenger, etc.) you can use CX Broadcast to create campaigns.
  • Step3: Schedule the campaign, and you can edit it before sending.
  • Step4: After the message is sent, CX Broadcast will generate insight reports to help you analyze customer engagement so that you can formulate marketing strategies based on feedback.

CX broadcast bring a you customer engagement better

When customers show interest in your broadcast, they can respond to you through the messaging channel.
During that time, your agent can handle customer requests using a third-party customer service system. (such as Zendesk). Exactly, agents can provide support to customers, follow up on their inquiries, and actively engage with them. This approach helps to boost customer engagement and satisfaction, leading to a more positive overall experience for your customers.

CX Broadcast is not only a powerful tool that sets your business apart from the competition but also represents a cutting-edge CX solution in today’s digitalization of customer service. If you are interested in exploring more customer experience solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our sales team offers 24/7 consulting services to assist you.

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