The Sunshine Conversations (also named as SunCo) is a messaging platform for innovative conversational experiences that enables businesses to communicate with their customers across all popular messaging channels.Its rich APIs allow for conversation management, rich messaging, user metadata collection, account management and more.

SunCo offers e-commerce businesses the ability to seamlessly integrate their preferred CRM systems, such as Zendesk, third-party chatbots, and other tools, to effectively engage with customers through messaging channels.

By utilizing SunCo, businesses can enhance their customer experience, while also benefiting from the convenience and speed of the platform. Additionally, SunCo helps to decrease customer service agent workload, reduce software development costs, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to streamline their operations.

This article will use example of Zendesk to show you how SunCo help your E-commerce make a better customer experience(CX)

When the customer opens the conversation and browses the product, the chatbot will provide detailed information about the product.

Then the customer can add the item to the shopping cart or check out. If customers are going to check out, they can provide shipping information on the chat, including name, contact info., address, delivery method, etc.

After customers submit and confirm the information, the chatbot will send a payment link. Payment link powered by third-party payment platform such as Stripe

If customers want to refund, the refund option provide on the chat menu, and then the chatbot will provide order information.

After customers choose the order they are going to refund, they need to confirm the order details with chatbot.

Lastly, customers give the reason and evidence for the refund, the chatbot will collect all the information and create a ticket in Zendesk to assist the agent process the refund request.


From the aforementioned situations, it can be seen that customers can transact via chat immediately. Without moving to other websites or marketplaces to make purchases or request refunds. They can stay in the messaging channels they’re using and get better CX than other ecommerce platforms.

It is showing that customers engage in ongoing conversations with the bot, but there are some situation where customer require assistance from a live agent. By integrating SunCo, we can effectively manage these conversations and enable seamless switching to an agent when needed. This empowers agents to efficiently handle customer interactions, ensuring a smoother and faster resolution process.

Thanks to SunCo’s powerful integration capabilities, e-commerce businesses can not only improve customer experience, but also can captivate customers and make them satisfied. As we know, customer satisfaction means more revenue.

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