How to send Outbound Bulk Messaging in Zendesk

Many Zendesk users are wondering how can they engage with customers by sending outboud messages through various Social Messaging channels such as LINE, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, X, Instagram and In-App Messaging. After the status of a ticket changed to “Closed” in Zendesk, we are unable to send messages to customers or send marketing campaigns to our customers in bulk by segments in order to create an engagement with customers. This is the pain point every Zendesk users are aware of.

Hence some brands or businesse normally find workaround solutions, e.g. by separating LINE or Social Messaging channels among the marketing team, sales team, and customer service team. By doing so it results in a discontinuous customer experience. Because we are not able to know or track the conversation the teams have with the customers before.

Enhancing Zendesk Capabilities with CXBOX BROADCAST

Many of us may not know that Zendesk has a secret function called Sunshine Conversations or also known as Conversational API which is seamlessly connected to the above Social Messaging channels. The API allows us to send outbound messages or send messages to customers even if the status of the ticket is closed. This work can solve that problem.

And what is even more special is that we can connect conversations on other systems that sales or marketing teams are using with Zendesk. The Conversational API is available regardless of whether your team is a Zendesk user or not. You can continue chatting with customers and see previous conversations from other systems. (Imagine it is like transferring conversation messages between each other and seeing the previous conversations)

Working through this special function is enabled through the CXBOX BROADCAST by connecting with Zendesk. In addition, CXBOX BROADCAST also helps manage campaigns by defining different segments, sending marketing messages in a variety of formats, including carousels, images, forms, options, etc., and can view reports. Analyze the efficiency of campaign shooting in various formats is provided.

Importantly, other teams other than the Customer Service team can also use channels to receive chat outside of the Zendesk. This help reduce the cost of purchasing licenses for  Zendesk for colleagues who are not necessary or do not work in Customer Service system like Zendesk. CXBOX BROADCAST can also synchronize customer data from the Zendesk, giving organizations a single-of-truth customer database as well.

Contact DEMETER team if you are interested in increasing sales volume by increasing the efficiency of customer engagement. You can send messages to your targeted groups by blasting marketing campaigns in various formats through Social Messaging channels with the same database throughout the organization. By having continuous conversations with customers no matter what system they are working on. Without having to buy an additional Zendesk license for non customer service functions, you still have seamless conversations with your customers. 

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