Omnichannel Strategies: The Complete CX Guide for 2024

Omnichannel Strategies_DMIT_The Complete CX Guide for 2024

What is omnichannel

Omnichannel is a customer experience strategy that creates connected and consistent customer interactions across channels and touchpoints. Companies that take an omnichannel approach connect customer context and data across systems and tools for a more personalized CX.

How does omnichannel work?

An omnichannel approach links different communication channels within a company, like marketing, service, and sales. This ensures that data from WhatsApp, Messenger, live chat, SMS, and social media are all connected. It also means that conversations can smoothly transition between different channels and departments.

This setup allows customers to reach out to your business through their preferred channels, whenever they want. It’s also convenient for employees because they can manage multiple conversations without switching between different platforms.

For instance, if your marketing team sends an email about a new product, and a customer responds with a question, a support agent can easily take over and reply by email. Later, if the customer messages on WhatsApp, the conversation can seamlessly continue there.

5 benefits of omnichannel

5 benefits of omnichannel

 Omnichannel makes customers happy because they get good service no matter how they contact the business.

When customers like how easy it is to get help, they’re more likely to come back and buy again.

 Omnichannel helps businesses figure out what customers might like to buy next, so they can suggest things they might want.

By making everything work together, businesses can give better service without spending as much money.

Omnichannel helps businesses learn what customers like and don’t like, so they can make things even better.

How to create an omnichannel strategy in 5 steps

How to create an omnichannel strategy in 5steps WP
  1. Centralize your customer data: Use a CRM system to store and track interactions across channels like email, social media, and chat, providing a 360-degree view for personalized experiences.

  2. Incorporate artificial intelligence and chatbots: Leverage AI-powered chatbots to manage conversations, answer questions, and provide consistent support across channels.

  3. Monitor your omnichannel experiences: Track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as average resolution time and customer satisfaction surveys to ensure you’re meeting customer needs.

  4. Adopt a unified platform: Provide agents with a unified workspace to streamline interactions, reduce wait times, and improve productivity, leading to higher customer satisfaction.

  5. Evaluate and evolve your channels: Continuously assess and adjust your channels based on customer expectations, ensuring interactions are fast, simple, and consistent.

Omnichannel examples

Sendle is an Australian startup specializing in carbon-neutral shipping. The startup partnered with Zendesk to ditch its clunky email system and offer effective omnichannel customer service.

Sendle used the Zendesk Agent Workspace to seamlessly help customers across email, social media, live chat, and other channels. With Zendesk, Sendle automated the ticketing process to intelligently route tickets to the right agent at the right time, leading to a 450 percent improvement in first reply time.

“We’re unique in the market to be a shipping and logistics service that has such tremendous customer support. Through working with Zendesk and having omnichannel tools available, we’ve really added value to small businesses.”

Eva Ross, Chief Customer and Marketing Officer at Sendle

Omnichannel is a big deal in today’s world. It’s about giving customers great experiences no matter what. By using omnichannel, businesses can make customers happy, keep them coming back, and even find new ways to grow. So, if you want to make things easier for your customers and help your business grow, omnichannel is the way to go!

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