Zendesk, a powerful combination for cross-border e-commerce businesses: TikTok case study

Zendesk, a powerful combination for cross-border e-commerce businesses TikTok case study

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In this era, Tiktok is a well-known and popular social media platform. Tiktok Shop is proof of the success of being an e-commerce for several brands in increasing their order volume and sales revenue. This means that it may have loads of customers to handle. Customer service must run smoothly to treat customers well.

Since customer service plays one of the key roles in achieving customer retention, loyalty, and even acquiring new customers, Tiktok Shop has been launching an application called “Customer Service Connector by Tiktok Shop” to connect Zendesk to support customers effectively. For businesses to step into e-commerce to gain a competitive advantage, they are able to more effectively handle customer inquiries and offer effective customer assistance owing to this integration. Businesses can engage with customers by utilizing Zendesk’s tools to resolve their issues through live chat, email, or social media. Along with improving consumer satisfaction. Businesses can easier manage and deliver remarkable customer support and differentiate themselves in the cross-border e-commerce market by combining TikTok Shop with Zendesk.

TikTok Shop: Your New Cross-Border E-commerce Choice


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During the testing phase of TikTok Shop, over 200,000 businesses joined, including well-known brands such as L’Oréal and Maybelline. Additionally, over 100,000 TikTok influencers have also participated in this service.
According to research, 70% of users discover new brands through TikTok, and 83% of users state that TikTok influences their purchasing decisions.

TikTok Shop’s Latest Services

1. Offering Diverse Services

TikTok Shop provides short videos, live shopping features, and valuable services for businesses and creators. These features include a product showcase page, a shopping mall feature, and a “Alliance Program” that connects businesses with creators.

2. TikTok Fulfillment Program

“TikTok Fulfillment Program” (Fulfilled by TikTok) is formed to assist businesses in tasks that include product storage, selection, packaging, and delivery.

3. Secure Payment System

To secure user payment information and personal privacy, TikTok e-commerce has cooperated with third parties to build a payment system utilizes a variety of security features, including encrypted data, identity verification, and identification of fraud.

4. Expansion of the "Shop" Entrance

TikTok seeks to expand the outreach of the “Shop” entrance to increase the awareness of businesses and products.Currently, 40% of TikTok users in the United States have access to the “Shop” section of the app. By the beginning of October, all American users ought to be able to access the “Shop” section of their site.

5. International Expansion

After undergoing initial testing in Indonesia in 2021, TikTok e-commerce later debuted in a number of markets, including the UK, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and others. With the official launch of TikTok e-commerce in the US, the company has now made a major advancement in its global expansion.

6. Brand and Influencer Participation

Over 200,000 companies signed up for the TikTok e-commerce site during the trial phase, including popular brands like L’Oréal, Maybelline, Olay, and e.l.f. Furthermore, over 100,000 TikTok influencers regularly used the platform’s e-commerce services. The addition of these companies and creators broadens the selection of goods offered on the TikTok e-commerce platform and gives customers more options.

7. User Feedback

According to TikTok’s research, 83% of users said that TikTok has a significant influence on their purchasing decisions, and 70% of users claimed to have found new businesses and items on the platform.

8. Logistics Solution

The management of inventories, the choice and packing of products, as well as the direct delivery of the merchant’s products to buyers, will all be handled entirely by TikTok Shop. 

Key Features

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Live Shopping

In real-time environments, you can interact with your audience and promote, sell, and interact. You can enhance the efficiency of your shopping events by going LIVE at the appropriate times with the help of the educational courses that TikTok offers.

Shoppable Video

Make engaging videos that showcase your products and are interesting to watch. Utilize trending music, popular tags, and our team’s helpful advice to improve your chances of success.

Store Page

Put your products on display in your own in-app store. To give customers an improved and recognizable shopping experience, you can customize it with your brand’s design.

Product Features

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With TikTok Shop, businesses can easily upload products and manage all aspects, from shipping and logistics to after-sales transactions.

Order, shipping, payment, and return information for the TikTok Shop is directly accessible through the Zendesk user interface. The data related to the TikTok Shop can thus be easily viewed and managed without leaving the Zendesk interface.

The customer service connector seamlessly integrates Zendesk Support and TikTok Shop accounts, allowing you to receive and respond to chat messages from TikTok Shop with increased efficiency.

All conversations from buyers will be saved in one ticket, allowing you to review the complete context before responding.


The huge, powerful solution to connect Zendesk and cross-border E-commerce

  • Increase customer satisfaction
    The integration allows businesses to provide a seamless and efficient customer experience. Customers can get their questions answered, resolve issues, and receive support without leaving the E-commerce platform, resulting in greater satisfaction and convenience.
  • Strengthens brand reputation and loyalty
    Effective customer service can significantly improve brand loyalty. Customers who receive quick and satisfactory support are more likely to return for future purchases and recommend the brand to others.

  • Increase work efficiency
    Businesses can streamline their operations by consolidating customer service functions and E-commerce management within a single platform, reducing the need to switch between platforms and complexity and operational costs. This can lead to increased efficiency in addressing customer inquiries.

  • Scalability
    As the E-commerce platform grows and handles more transactions, the integrated customer service platform can scale with it, ensuring that customer support remains efficient and effective.

  • Competitive Advantage
    Offering integrated customer service can set businesses apart from competitors by showing a commitment to customer satisfaction and convenience.

How to Use → Install in a few easy steps


          This brings us to the end of this blog. We sincerely hope you discover something new about Zendesk support and integration. To eliminate the effort of switching between different platforms, this seamless integration enhances work efficiency and allows your consumers an even more seamless and fast customer service experience.

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