Supalai Public Company Limited - Trust in Google G Suite

Supalai Company Limited, one of the largest real estate development companies in Thailand, recognized the importance of reducing corporate cost and work qualities by started to use Google G Suite in 2016.

The company was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Has visions to be a leader in creating innovation and adding value, which can be seen that every project of Supalai would deliver good quality residences to customers by operated with effective cost management and created the highest value for customers. Plus, Supalai still generated good returns for shareholders.

The challenge
The main system that Supalai used for work in organization was server hosting. Using Zimbra server and another server to backup all data was really tough for their IT department. Not just server maintenance, but also including spam and virus removal. Plus, due to the large number of employees and project expanding (every year), there was a problem with the drive space obviously.

Those reasons made Supalai fully switched to G Suite. 

With the recommendation and support of Demeter ICT made Supalai switch to G Suite. Demeter ICT migrated legacy email and all users data from backup server to G Suite, spent only three days.

The results
They obviously see the changes in the employees’ work in the organization
• Collaboration on the same system
• Their IT team has reduced the workload due to G Suite’s abilities to effectively prevent external attacks such as Spam and Virus email
• Also reduced the workload of personnel responsible for maintaining the previous email system
• All user satisfied

“More than 1000 employees can work together G Suite effectively, And make the work data as an integrated form.”

– Sittha Chaiyakett
Assistant Vice President

Supalai Public Company Limited
The company has been committed to create good quality residences and develop its products continually, while developing the society to be safe and comfortable as well as developing good services as a professional in order to create maximum satisfaction to the customers

Industry: Real Estate
Location: Bangkok

Demeter ICT

Demeter ICT Company Limited
Not only deploys G Suite implementation for customers, but we also assists organizations on business transformation and change management. Demeter ICT brings many successful case studies of business improvement by G Suite to achieve customers’ vision to become innovative enterprises.   

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