5 Business goals that benefit from live chat


Offering customers live chat will often require some balancing. Different stakeholders will have different views as to where it offers the best value. Support might want to keep it focused on the customer experience, while sales might see it as a tool for increasing conversions. Ultimately it’s up to the support manager to determine how live chat would be best used to support the company’s goals.

This capability for instantaneous communication can have a fast and significant effect on your business goals. This is why it’s crucial that your live chat goals align with your business objectives. Here are five business goals that can be supported and better achieved with the benefits of offering live chat.

1. Improve customer satisfaction

According to Zendesk, live chat has the highest satisfaction rate of all customer service channels, with 92 percent of all chat support interactions resulting in a satisfied customer.

This is why offering chat support is often wanted by successful customer service departments. It’s much faster than email support and can share educational material quickly and easily. This is something phone/voice support can’t do.

2. Increase sales and revenue

When potential customers are scouring a site for information on your product or service, having a chat representative available can make the difference. They can answer questions quickly, help customer navigate on the site, and funnel qualified leads to the sales team. Customers reached by live chat are 3 times more likely to make a purchase.

For example an online store can use an automated trigger to open a chat when a customer lingers on the checkout page. Helping customers who are actively in the buying process can clear up potential problems and increase conversions.

3. Reduce support costs

Live chat helps agents be more productive. It allows them to handle multiple conversations at once, which is harder to do over the phone. A better efficiency means more customers are supported faster, which in turn, means a lower cost per contact.

For example enabling quick-click answers in the chats can help customers get answers for frequently asked questions with a single button click. Things like these allow companies to employ less staff to answer more customer inquiries.

4. Lower cart abandonment rates

Shopping online is convenient, but not all customers need to purchase whatever they add to their cart. In fact, most of them don’t, as 55 percent of shopping carts are abandoned by customers.

With live chat, representatives have the chance to close a sale that may otherwise slip by. They can provide more details about the products or suggest items to add-on. This can be a very effective strategy for eCommerce and online retail.

5. Improve response rates

It’s a known fact, that customers don’t like to wait. Live chat enables fast, real-time answers, which means that customers are more willing to engage with a representative via chat, because it resolves their problem quickly. Faster responses mean resolution rates are fasters, which improves agent productivity, reduces costs and off course, results in more satisfied customers.

Source: Zendesk

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