How to make your help center stand out

It is well known that investing in self-service can help improve a company’s customer experience. According to Zendesk, tickets with links to knowledge articles have a 23% lower resolution time, 20% fewer reopens, and an average CSAT rating of 2%. Here are some shared tips to ensure your knowledge base content meets the need of your customer

Start with the top five articles in your help center

According to Zendesk, the top five articles of your help center account for about 40% of all daily views. To create an effective help center, you should start with answering the most frequently asked questions with a few articles. After this you can start working on more advanced articles for more complicated questions.

After the top five, you should focus on building categories, beginning with the most popular content in each, because the top three articles in each category often make up half of the daily views in that category. However, deciding what to cover can be tricky. The ‘About’ -field in Zendesk is a great way of keeping track of inbound tickets by category. This allows you to see which topics customer write about the most as you plan your help center.

Divide and conquer to expand your help center

Empowering agents to own ongoing content creation helps build the best help centers. Zendesk has found out that it’s important to identify which topics agents are experts in and divide work based on their areas of expertise. Ideally, an article should be reviewed by at least two people before publishing it.

Getting agents involved in creating content is good, because it lets you leverage their understanding of customer needs. Agents engage with customers close up, so they are easily able to identify gaps in your self-service content.

Lean into agent collaboration and automation

Riot Games is a gaming company, who is leading the way in agent collaboration when it comes to building their help center. Their articles are touched by 5,6 agents on average. Their 500+ agent support team fields more than 3 million tickets per year. Their comprehensive help center is constantly evolving via agent collaboration and it allows them to leverage automation to serve up the right articles and answers for customers.

For companies looking for an easy way to enable collaboration and automation, Zendesk’s Knowledge Capture app is one way CX leaders power their knowledge creation. It lets agents search the help center without leaving a ticket, write new articles while responding to a ticket, and to add links to relevant articles in ticket comments.

Source: Zendesk

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