4 ways Zendesk can make your life easier ASAP

Keeping up with customer expectations is vital to your business — and that means your support operations need to be nimble. Does your support software allow your team to easily add new channels? Or enable your agents to easily switch between channels keeping customer context? If not, it might be time to consider a switch.

Here are four ways Zendesk can help you deliver great customer service (and make your life easier).

1. Zendesk is easy to set up and customize

Zendesk can be set up quickly. It takes days — not months — to get up and running. What’s more, it works out of the box (meaning you can do it yourself, without the help of costly developers). That saves you time and money, and lets your agents focus on creating great CX instead of spending a lot of time training.

Stanley Black and Decker implemented a full omnichannel solution in only 3 weeks.

The Stanley Black and Decker teams handle an average of 10,000 tickets each month, so speed of implementation was vital. Within three weeks of signing off on a suite of Zendesk products, the globally distributed Stanley Black and Decker support teams were up and running on all channels after only a single day of training.

2. You’re not alone: our experts are here to help

If you’re thinking about switching to a new support solution, you’re probably wondering how you’ll get it started. Zendesk can help you make the transition easier and quicker, now matter if you’re new to CX software or a seasoned pro. Here are a few examples of how we can work together:

  • Community support: If you want to set up on your own, we make it easy to find helpful resources and connect with other companies.
  • The Help Center — our Knowledge Base and Community — is free and accessible for every customer.
  • The Knowledge Center is a library of product documentation, best practices, advice, and troubleshooting tips. With our Community, you can discover new workflows, customizations, and get direct set-up advice from our team of Community Moderators.
  • Live coaching: Need a little more help? We’ll work with you to save you time on figuring out how to get started. You can get focused 1:1 live coaching from Zendesk experts through Expert Help on everything from rolling out new features to learning how to do things in the app.
  • Professional services: If your needs are more complex, our Professional Services team can make the switch for you. Our team can help you migrate from existing tools, connect external systems, build custom apps, or set up a complex workflow. That means less worrying and fiddling with the tool, and getting up and running faster.

When Vimeo outgrew its old support software, our team helped them make a seamless transition.

“We’ve been super impressed with Customer Success at Zendesk. The team is incredible and plays a significant role in Vimeo Support growing with the business. They steer us in the right direction and make us consider actions that might benefit us while serving as internal advocates.” – Suri Ratnatunga, Senior Director of Community and Support, Vimeo

3. Zendesk creates better agent experiences (and better CX)

With other solutions, agents have to toggle between different interfaces for omnichannel service, which is frustrating and inefficient. Zendesk gives agents a unified customer view with ticket fields, macros, sidebar apps, and more. We bring it all together in one customer profile, with a history of communications across all channels.

This puts all the information your agents need under a single pane of glass, making it easier to create great customer experiences. And, instead of searching for that data across different tools and applications, agents have it when they need it — allowing them to respond faster to customers and resolve issues more quickly.

Showpo switched to Zendesk because Freshdesk’s multiple interfaces were frustrating.

“When we were on Freshdesk, an agent would have eight, nine, ten different tabs open — DHL, Australia Post, Magento, all these different tabs,” Waddy said. “Our goal is to integrate those into Zendesk.” — Paul Waddy, Head of Operations

4. Zendesk gives you quick time to value

When change is the only constant, you can’t afford to spend a ton of time and money implementing bulky, complicated systems. Zendesk delivers a lower cost of ownership due to its ease of setup, ease of customization, and ease of administration. Many companies find that Zendesk pays for itself in as little as 3 months. Here are the top three reasons why:

  1. Quick and easy setup: With Zendesk, it takes days or weeks, not months or years, to get set up and running. And because of our intuitive agent workspace, your team can onboard on Zendesk in just a few hours.
  2. Easy customization: Between our 1,000+ out-of-the box integrations and powerful APIs, most customers are able to extend and customize Zendesk to their own unique needs. What’s more, they can usually customize without the support of expensive outside consultants. That saves time and money.
  3. Easy administration: Our admin needs are minimal, unlike legacy platforms that need teams of expensive dedicated admins and developers. This helps you quickly respond to changing needs and customer expectations. So you spend less time and resources on administrative tasks, and more time with your customers.

After Verimatrix switched to Zendesk, they saw quick return on investment:

    • 612% ROI projected over 5 years with 3.4 month payback
    • 10% increase in agent productivity
    • 31% more tickets handled with the same number of agents
    • $822,000 per year in savings as a result of productivity increase
    • $565,000 per year in additional savings for eliminating the need to hire 7 additional people
    • 99 CSAT Score
    • 3-months to deploy and migrate (70,000 support tickets and 10-years worth of data / legacy articles)

Source: IDC Verimatrix Uses Zendesk Support to Optimize
Their Customer Service Operations

Zendesk was built for agility.

Zendesk is an open and flexible platform purposefully built for scale and to drive the most business impact. With the right expertise, capability depth, and value, Zendesk can empower you to deliver great service that drives customer loyalty and satisfaction, while giving you the tools to set your agents up for success and control to run your unique business successfully at the best ROI. Learn more about Zendesk

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Demeter ICT involved in Zendesk implementation at Kerry Express, starting from customer service process design, configuration, integration with Telephony and Chatbot, training, testing, data migration and Go-Live Support. The implementation time was around two months.
Demeter ICT participated in Zendesk implementation at LINE MAN WONGNAI. The scope of work is involved with customer service process design, configuration, integration with Telephony, training, testing, data migration and Go-Live Support. The system was up and ready in one month.
Cathay Pacific Airways
“As a customer-centric airline, it is essential that Cathay Pacific communicates with our customers on the channels they prefer. Messaging is fast becoming the preferred mode of communication of our customers and we’re looking forward to enhancing our customer experience with these new Zendesk capabilities.” - Lawrence Fong Group GM IT and Digital, Cathay Pacific Airways
Demeter ICT helps TRUE implement the Zendesk system. The scope of work is involved with customer service process design, configuration, training, testing, data migration and Go-Live Support. This is another ideal case that the customer started from a small portion of Zendesk deployment in order to prove the concept and expand significantly during the past few years.
Riot Games
“Zendesk is very much focused on the 'player' experience, like we are. I feel like we’ve always been able to speak honestly with each other.” Shaun 'BlueFire' Randall Product Manager Support Engineering at Riot Games
“We love the help center in Zendesk because it’s easy to use. We get some great analytics out of it in terms of which articles are being used the most. It helps us to make adjustments and to see what’s helping our users.” - Gerald Hastie Director, Global Customer Experience at Evernote
“Zendesk allows us to treat our colleagues with as much care as we give our customers.” - Adam Bruce Lead Product Manager, Service Desk at Tesco
"If we hadn’t invested so heavily in incredible support and our customer experience, we’d probably be just another app. Even if we’re just sharing cat memes, we’re constantly engaging with our customers, so they feel like they really know us as people. That’s a big part of our brand, and that starts with great support." - Danny Duong Director of Customer Experience at Discord
“Having a partner that really understands our business, and how ambitious we are, is huge—because service, at the end of the day, needs to be in lockstep with every single track of work that’s happening within Airbnb.” Shirley Lin Product Lead of the Support Products Group at Airbnb
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