WhatsApp for Business_Your Path to Enhanced Customer Engagement

WhatsApp for Business: Your Path to Enhanced Customer Engagement

Leveraging the WhatsApp Business app, integrating chatbots, and connecting WhatsApp with Zendesk can empower businesses to deliver exceptional customer experiences, improve operational efficiency, and drive business growth in today’s competitive landscape. WhatsApp for Business has revolutionized the way companies interact with their customers. With its seamless interface and powerful features, it has become an indispensable tool for businesses of all sizes. But what exactly is WhatsApp for Business, and how can it benefit your organization? Learn more about What’s the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business? Why Use the WhatsApp Business App? Accessibility With billions of users worldwide, WhatsApp...

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5 hot CX trends 2023_Make your business go above and beyond

5 hot CX trends 2023: Make your business go above and beyond

5 Trends customer experience you can’t ignore if you want to be ready for the CX Trends 2023. According to the current customer experience trends, customer satisfaction is important for any business. Now, customers are more powerful than ever before, and they have made it clear that they want a personalized customer experience, and are unable to wait for businesses to gradually understand  this. So, now is the time for businesses to make big changes.  As mentioned, the customer experience is an important battleground for brands. Here’s what you need to know about 5 trends that will shape how  businesses...

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The difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

What’s the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business

Messaging apps are nowadays the most popular way to communicate with friends and family. With this convenience, customers want to communicate with business by using the messaging apps which they use on a daily basis. Then, we will talk about the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business. At present, WhatsApp is the most popular chat app in the world with 2.5 billion users. Most business are using this app in large numbers. However, messaging from WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business is different, because WhatsApp is a simple way of messaging each other. But at the same time, WhatsApp Business has...

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What are the 5 Benefits of AI Chatbot for Customer Service?

If you are one of those who are still hesitant about whether AI Chatbot is right for your business? This article will answer all you need to know about using AI Chatbot for customer service. The AI ​​(Artificial Intelligence) system that everyone has seen in sci-fi movies may be as terrifying and terrifying as many stories say, but AI bots are actually not as scary as you might think. Plus, the AI ​​bot industry is growing every year because it is a concrete technology that brings significant benefits to the world of business and customers. According to The bot...

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Introducing Answer Bot

Customer should have the chance to choose the easiest path to whatever their goal is. Usually this means solving their problem quickly and on their own. According to Zendesk, 76 percent of customers prefer to find an answer to their question alone, as opposed to speaking with a customer support agent. One way for this, is through AI chatbots. One such tool is the the Zendesk Guide Answer Bot! It’s a great tool for customers to find an answer to their question even faster. Answer Bot uses machine learning to respond to questions with content from your knowledge base. Answer...

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How to support your robot coworker

When does artificial intelligence stop being more of a tool and become more like a coworker? Machines can already drive, hold conversations and even give witty answers, like Apple’s Siri for example. A majority of mature organisations have invested, or plan to invest in artificial intelligence in the near future, so it’s a matter of time before robots become our work buddies. AI will help make workflows more reliable, giving people more time to focus on human-centric tasks, and put the organization on the forefront of innovation. In order to learn to work alongside robot co-workers, both sides are...

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Why chatbots won’t fully replace humans

These days AI is changing the customer experience in many ways. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants can answer questions that could only be answered by a human in the past. Personalized customer experience can now be offered without adding more people and processes. This type of technology will play a huge role in customer interactions in the upcoming years, but this doesn’t mean that the human aspect will be eliminated. Humans will still be involved in up to half of customer interactions, but their role will lean heavily on utilising technology. Here is how customer support agents and intelligent...

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What is a chatbot?

An AI chatbot is a computer program than can have a conversation with a human by text or audibly. An effective chatbot can simulate how a person would behave during a conversation. They are best used in simple practical purposes like customer service and information request. One such chatbot is the Zendesk Guide Answer Bot. The Zendesk Guide Answer Bot is designed to give agents a helping hand to reduce their work and allow them to focus on more complicated work, which requires a human touch. The Answer Bot can, for example, resolve tickets by suggesting relevant articles to...

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Abilities and limitations of Chatbots

These days, chatbots are automating customer service around the world. Bots are on the customer service front lines more often than before. These bots vary from simple scripted bots answering FAQs to AI-backed bots programmed to make product recommendations. Even so, the humans engineering these bots and writing their scripts are the ones who hold the keys to customer service. Here are three things to help understand bot abilities and their limitations. Humanlike AI is a world away When AI first came out in the mid 1950s, the computer science community had high hopes for its evolution. AI was initially...

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