5 hot CX trends 2023: Make your business go above and beyond

5 hot CX trends 2023_Make your business go above and beyond

5 Trends customer experience you can’t ignore if you want to be ready for the CX Trends 2023.

According to the current customer experience trends, customer satisfaction is important for any business. Now, customers are more powerful than ever before, and they have made it clear that they want a personalized customer experience, and are unable to wait for businesses to gradually understand  this. So, now is the time for businesses to make big changes. 

As mentioned, the customer experience is an important battleground for brands. Here’s what you need to know about 5 trends that will shape how  businesses interact with customers for years to come:

Trend 1: AI/BOT enhances customer experience🤖

Businesses are starting to use AI more, because AI has developed and can meet more needs. Nowadays, customers are used to interacting with AI and are becoming more demanding. For that reason, businesses must meet the expectations of customers who expect them to provide fast, accurate, and accessible services 24 hours. In addition, Chatbots are also used by businesses to communicate with customers. From the customer’s point of view, they are more open to using it.

77% of customers say they prefer using chatbots for simple questions because they get answers faster. Furthermore, there is a faster response time than the staff and reliability in displaying accurate and useful information. And 67% of customers say that chatbots can provide accurate answers.

Trend 2: Conversational experiences💬

Conversational experiences are important to building long-term customer relationships. When contacting a business via Conversational Messaging channels such as LINE, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc., which are channels that customers are already familiar with and so on, they do not have to sit and wait. However, this is in contrast to Live Chat, where you must sit and wait for someone to respond. 

Today’s customers want to flow, and natural interactions that keep them in control and do not disrupt their work. For example, if the customer stops interacting, they expect the new agent will be able to continue without repeating the details. Or switching the conversation to a new channel, such as from texting to talking on the phone.

Trend 3: Deeper Personalization💁🏻‍♀️

Customers expect businesses to use the data they collect for more than just marketing. To provide customers with a personalized experience and offer products or services that meet their needs. Therefore, businesses need a tool that allows brands to have customer information at a level that we know “friends”, such as what they like, and what kind of products they want. Have they ordered anything before? or what are they having trouble with? When good personalization is done, the business will benefit from a good and long-term relationship with customers (Customer Retention Rate), and they will return to buy again.

Trend 4: Sentiment are reshaping 🥰

The customer’s attitude toward the business begins to impact the work of the customer service team. When a bad feeling after a conversation with the customer service team happens, the next thing that happens is a bad feeling about the business and telling others. Negative experiences with businesses can be emotionally damaging and can create critics who will spread the word. In fact, 73% of customers switch to a competitor after several bad experiences. And after a single unsatisfactory interaction, more than half will leave.

Trend 5: Breaking down Silo🔁

Teamwork is required for a great customer experience. If the organization lacks good communication, the agent will lose important information. Each team must collaborate to share information on customer care. Business challenges are thus becoming more visible. That is, breaking down silos by integrating systems between customer service. As a result, such a strategy will surely bring good returns, increase efficiency, provide a better customer experience, and finally more income.

From the 5 trends customer experience described above. Customers expect information will be shared widely for their experience to be personalized and consistent. As a result, businesses require a “CX Platform” to integrate the data used to provide excellent customer service.

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