Introducing Answer Bot

Customer should have the chance to choose the easiest path to whatever their goal is. Usually this means solving their problem quickly and on their own. According to Zendesk, 76 percent of customers prefer to find an answer to their question alone, as opposed to speaking with a customer support agent. One way for this, is through AI chatbots.

One such tool is the the Zendesk Guide Answer Bot! It’s a great tool for customers to find an answer to their question even faster.

Answer Bot uses machine learning to respond to questions with content from your knowledge base. Answer Bot learns which help article is best suited for answering any question in a specific ticket. It’s best used for providing answers to simple support inquiries, like ones concerning order statuses, product specs, or subscription changes.

By replying to uncomplicated questions within seconds, Answer Bot can resolve a lot of tickets without the need of an agent. This saves time for the agents and allows customer service teams to focus on more complex issues that require more time and care.

Answer Bot is designed to make self-service effortless for your customer. There are many benefits that it can provide. Here are a few examples.

Make your knowledge base articles known
It can be annoying to spend tons of man hours building a knowledge base, only to have the articles go undiscovered. Answer Bot brings your existing articles to the surface for the customers who need them.

Improve overall response times
Customers have many options when reaching out for support, but the one that still reigns supreme is email. Zendesk customers who utilize Answer Bot have seen significant improvement in their email response, and average resolution times.

Scale and grow business
Answer Bot can handle a lot of FAQs. It’s like having an extra support agent on your team. For fast growing, smaller companies, it can help them go through higher volumes of tickets while reducing resolution times.

Add machine learning to your company
Most companies don’t have the resources needed to develop in-house machine learning capabilities. Answer Bot has a deep learning model, that is based off 12 million customer interactions. It allows companies of all sizes to get started with Zendesk Guide and Answer Bot right away.

Source: Zendesk

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