How artificial intelligence will improve your ticketing system

There is a lot of talk about how artificial intelligence is going to come and change customer service, but how exactly will it help you to handle more tickets in less time, and make your ticketing system more productive. 

Effective AI ticketing system translates routine tasks into efficient communication. Customer service agents will commonly receive insignificant customer inquiries such as cancellations. Agents get bogged down by low-level routine tasks, so they could benefit from an AI-powered ticketing system that can quickly point customers towards the answer they’re looking for.

For example, as the ticket comes in, the ticketing system scans the message and determines which help article is best suited to answer the specific question. It suggests the article in a reply message to the customer. It is designed to provide answers to simple support inquiries, like those concerning product specification, order statuses, and subscription changes. As the customer reviews the suggested articles, they can mark their question as answered directly, and the ticket is then solved. If the answer still needs further assistance, the ticket can be redirected to an agent for more personal support. This can be beneficial for complex products and services

The machine learning element in the ticketing system means that the responses in Automatic Answers are not only reading and responding specifically to what you the customer is asking, but also the technology gets smarter with each interaction due to feedback received from customers and agents.

Source : Zendesk


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