Find Answers What Pain Points Can solves by Zendesk

📍”Pain Point” is a problem that customers face for some reasons that cause negative feelings or make life more difficult.

If you compare pain point to the goal of many organizations that want their customers to feel good about their brand, it’s not wrong to say that pain point is the opposite of building a good brand image.

For this article, let’s delve into customer service pain point, both from a business owner’s perspective and from a customer experience perspective, and how Zendesk can help.

Pain Point in Business Owner's Corner

1. Customers are not satisfied with the service. Finding a way to keep customers coming back for repeat purchases (Customer Retention) is difficult.

Answer Zendesk is a Customer Service Software tool that helps customer service departments work more efficiently. Track and forward work in the organization In the corner, customers themselves receive fast service. Does not fall off and has a good impression of the brand.

  • 86% of customers agree to spend more. If exchanged for a better experience than before

2. Businesses have many channels to contact customers. making it require more staff to take care of The cost of service is therefore higher as well.

Answer  Zendesk can consolidate all customer communications into a single point. It reduces inefficient tasks such as having to keep an eye on the screen or submitting unsystematic tasks. can’t store data And because everything can be done in one screen. Organizations do not need to add staff to provide better service.

3. There is no information to manage customer service. Don't know how satisfied customers are Is the answering service taking too long? Or is the number of service personnel sufficient?

Answer Zendesk Help prepare customer service data in various angles, analyze service results. Scalable according to the needs of the organization

4. There is no information in terms of customer feedback, such as not knowing how much the customer has complained or asked about it. How should the products or services be improved accordingly

Answer Zendesk Help keep all customer information completely. This allows organizations to know more about their customers and be able to use this information to improve their products or services.

Pain Point in the corner of creating customer experience

1. Customers have to repeat the problem because the staff lacks coordination.

Answer Zendesk Combine all channels to contact customers into one point. No matter where the customer comes in from any channel, they can see the customer’s information. History and contact details Staff can share tasks or assist each other in customer service. No need for customers to repeat problems when changing channels of contact anymore.

2. Customers receive missing services, such as filling out forms and receiving service that is slower than calling.

Answer Zendesk Enables agents to serve customers in the form of a ticket system. Every contact is counted as a ticket, there is no missing or unequal priority, and if a ticket is not resolved in a timely manner, Zendesk will send a notification. staff immediately

3. The staff work hard. The channel must be switched back and forth and in the case of multi-tool use. You have to look at other software tools or applications.

Answer Zendesk Can integrate data from other systems into Zendesk’s screen, uncluttered data and get a full view of the customer. Make customer service more efficient.

4. Employees submit work by e-mail or paper. There is no exact coordination system. Difficult to track customer status

Answer Zendesk Help the staff to forward the work (Assign) to the relevant team. Or send additional information from the system to a team that needs help. All data is saved in Zendesk, which agents can retrieve later.

5. It is difficult to measure staff performance under SLA (Service Level Agreement) and there is no information for management.

Answer Zendesk Help create customer service data in various angles, which can be customized according to the needs of the organization.

6. The installation of the system takes a long time, cumbersome, and complicated.

Answer Zendesk It is a system that is easy to implement (Implement) and the system will take only    2 – 8 weeks depending on the complexity.

7. It is difficult to change the work process. The tool is not supported.

Answer Zendesk It is a tool that can modify the working style through configuration. (Configuration) makes the organization change the work immediately.

8. Ticket volume is high with repetitive stories.

Answer Zendesk With the Zendesk Guide tool, build a help center system for customers to find information on their own, or create a chatbot to answer questions 24/7.

9. Must submit work or save data in the original format

Answer Zendesk Help set up automatic operation. Whether it’s sending a message to reply to customers. Or the job forwarding can be automated in a way that the staff is satisfied with. And all of these are examples of Pain Points Zendesk can help with. There are also many Zendesk features that are useful for agents and customer service. Click here to compare each feature package in detail. Or contact us Demeter ICT, we are ready to develop work processes within the organization. Scale appropriately according to your business needs.

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