What’s the Difference Between Free Gmail and Google Apps for work?

Google claims there are over 425 million users of its free web email service, Gmail. Within that number are at least several million businesses that use a generic Gmail address to contact customers. Google sells an almost identical version of Gmail as part of its online productivity suite Google App, which costs US$5 per user a month. Why should a business use the paid version of Gmail instead? There are seven main reasons which make paying for Gmail a very easy decision. 1. Custom Email Address Businesses that use the free version of Gmail can only send emails as mybusinessname@Gmail.com. Notice how your bank, insurance company and airline never use consumer email addresses....

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Google will punish sites that use annoying pop-up ads

Google is about to deal a small blow to some of the most annoying ads on mobile: pop-ups and interstitials. It’s not a stretch to argue that readers don’t like these ads. So Google is making a call that websites that use pop-ups and interstitials are worse search results and may rank them lower because of it. There are a “hundreds of signals” that go into Google’s search result rankings, so it’s not like every website that uses these ads will feel pressured to remove them overnight. If a site with a pop-up still has the best information, it’s...

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Google Phone


In a nationally televised commercial that premiered last month, an empty search box sitting against a stark white background slowly morphs, becoming taller and skinnier. As Redbone croons “Come and get your love,” the lines take shape and the outline of a phone emerges. It is, of course, the Pixel, a new phone “made by Google.” The metaphor damn near hits you in the face: the search box once defined Google, but now Google needs to be something more. The phones feel premium and Google has done a lot of the work to banish the bugbears that have vexed...

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