CRM Integration: Connect to Your Zendesk Support Easier

CRM Integration with Zendesk Support

Zendesk is one of the popular customer service software. Agents can interact with customers through various channels and provide them with information quickly. However, an agent may not always be able to resolve the issue right away. They also need to coordinate across internal teams or forward data to another system.

Integration between Zendesk Support and CRM systems

Integration of Zendesk Support with other systems for easy synchronization, such as CRM, ERP, Database, In-house Software, and so on. They came into a powerful role in order to reduce the organization’s problem of a gap between systems, which included manual processing of tickets, and time spent on solving problem processes.

Demeter ICT provided service to DreameTech

Dreame Technology (DreameTech) is an innovative company with the vision to “Enhance the living quality of global users”. They focus on high-end cleaning appliances. By leveraging astrodynamics technologies, the product line includes cordless vacuum cleaners, robot vacuums and mops, and more. Currently, DreameTech’s product is based in the Europe, North America, and German markets, which requires support in areas such as customer service and after-sales service.

Demeter ICT created a Private APP

To serve customers quickly and seamlessly, DreameTech decided to integrate Zendesk and CRM systems to extend the functionality of Zendesk Support. Therefore, Demeter ICT provided Zendesk integration between service by creating a private app using Zendesk apps framework APIs. With this App, customer service agents can easily manage tickets in Zendesk. Also, they can send ticket information to the CRM system with one click. At the same time, the after sales service team can update Zendesk ticket information directly from their CRM, such as case status, case number, customer satisfaction, and so on.

The way of complete the Integration

According to our experience, DreameTech’s integration took only one week to complete. We have a process to work on step by step. With just a few simple steps. So that, DreameTech can use this powerful tool starting from discovery. They can also proof of concept of customer needs, then test and go live. By doing so. As a result, the customer service team is able to work faster and increase efficiency in problem solving up to 3X.

DMIT Integration Process
Zendesk CRM Integration Process

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