HaWooo + Zendesk Sell : Scaling up business in the SEA Market

HaWooo runs a Cross Border e-Commerce business, Providing Taiwan, Japan, China, USA and Korea brands with one-stop vertical solutions to successfully operate the cross-border business in a cost-effective way. So far selling more than 250 authentic, high-quality, and culturally distinctive brands in Malaysia.

Product lines include things for skincare, supplements, mom&baby products, food and lifestyle brands. HaWooo’s website serves as a sales channel, along with e-marketplaces like Lazada and Shopee. HaWooo wants to sell the market to Malaysia in order to use Malaysia as a major hub for extending the sales platform to other countries in Southeast Asia.

Malaysia: AIM for higher growth

Why Malaysia? Based on the research, 62% of SEA consumers are interested in skincare and makeup. HaWooo therefore saw an opportunity to open the market to Malaysia. HaWooo’s products are offered in online and offline stores, and through other marketplaces. Utilizing the KOL (Key Opinion Leader) strategy to engage with the target audience, moreover, grow its market share.

HaWooo Zendesk Sell

Growing Successfully with Zendesk Sell

In order to be adequately prepared for potential business growth. It’s out of date to handle sales using only a manual system, for example, managing customer lists on Excel, missing customer status tracking, redundant and erroneous data.

HaWooo, an international brand with a significant customers. It required to track all sales activities and transaction developments that have an impact on the business’s revenue. HaWooo made the decision to use Zendesk Sell to optimize the whole sales pipeline.

Demeter ICT is trusted over competitors to implement Zendesk Sell for the HaWooo group including its subsidiary Goodmaji – A logistic services company, focuses on cross-border delivery from Taiwan to SEA countries. Goodmaji is now serving more than 400 clients with express delivery, freight forwarding and payment services. Bringing Sell into HaWooo group can accomplish sales activities, such as collecting all customer data in the system, building a lead list, following the progress of sales, and gathering all sales data for analysis by comparing the sales targets for each period.

After implementation, Zendesk Sell made it possible for both HaWooo and Goodmaji to efficiently communicate information. It can also forward leads and contact information quickly and accurately.

In conclusion, having a sales pipeline and workflow that can be customized for your business. Besides, it enables the team to accurately follow each step of the sales process, can analyze, track, and manage their sales more systematically with the support of Zendesk Sell.

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