Introduction to Zendesk: Customer Service System

Today’s businesses need a strong customer service system, that because it can set companies apart from their competition and encourage consumers to stay with your brand as well as products. According to the Zendesk Trends Report, 77% of customers believe they are more loyal to companies that offer great service. In contrast, if they had only one unpleasant experience. Then, half of the customers claimed they would switch to a competing brand right away. For that reason, you should implement an effective customer service system in order to fulfill your customers’ expectations and scale your business.

What is Zendesk?

You can manage customer communications from various channels with the Zendesk customer service system. In addition, you can handle customer problems in the Zendesk backend whether they contact you by phone, live chat, email, social media, or another channel. You can also stay updated on the productivity of the customer support team. Zendesk offers comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to businesses of all sizes. And whether they are startups or large corporations. Therefore, Zendesk can help you if you want to raise your customer service standards.

Key features of Zendesk

Ticket System

All consumer issues are included in the customer service ticket system software. Users of Zendesk can effectively manage customer support.

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base helps you to create, manage, and share on how to use Zendesk. You can share this knowledge with your customer.

Community Forum

Making online forums about your company and products is a great way to improve and expand your customer management system.

Zendesk for Service

The Zendesk Support system is designed to be simple and elegant and can track or prioritize customer tickets. Because all consumer questions are answered at once, communication is uncomplicated, personable, and effective.

Guide is a knowledge base similar to Lazada and eBay, Customers can find the answers to their questions in the Zendesk Guide.

For example, many independent sellers who sell mobile phone tempered film often receive many questions from buyers about how to paste mobile phone tempered film. Then, you can directly take a video of the operation of the mobile phone tempered film sticker, and put this video in a conspicuous place of the independent station.

Chat is a chat system. After purchasing this product and installing it, on the website, the consumer can interact with you directly, and you can answer their issue quickly. Here’s a tip, you can set up pre-join conversations. So you can see what consumers are typing in real-time, speeding up responses and improving your website’s conversion rate.

Zendesk Talk connects a voice pipeline into Zendesk’s full-pass solution, allowing agents to handle conversations from any pipeline while also quickly and efficiently solving complex problems.

With accurate and effective data-driven Zendesk Explore, you can improve the customer experience.
For a better understanding of your customers, gain access to crucial analytics data from Zendesk Support and Zendesk Chat.

Zendesk fo sales

Zendesk Sell is a sales CRM software for salespeople. Salespeople don’t need to deal with complicated software while using a sales tool. In fact, Zendesk Sell is simple to use and made with keeping salespeople close in mind.

Sell removes the inconvenience of deal updates, allowing your team to always access, analyze and collaborate on relevant deal data.

Sunshine Platform

Zendesk Sunshine offers the most comprehensive open CRM platform on AWS to connect customer data from almost anywhere. 

How does Zendesk benefit your customer service system?

✔ Better Work: 15% Faster Reply to Customer, 40% Cost Reduction Per Ticket.

✔ Healthier Relationship: Up to 15% Customer Contacts Deflection, Up to 14% Customer Engagement.

✔ Better Scaling Revenue Growth: 286% Greater ROI, 23% Higher AOV.

Zendesk already has enterprise-grade data security standards in place, As there are still some businesses that are wary of using the cloud. Likewise, review the network and application system for complete security to ensure that the standard is constantly protecting trusted customers. As a result, you can check out the security measures for the Zendesk system here.

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