Povison X Zendesk : Way to boots sales efficiency

Forrester predicts that Cross Border purchases will comprise 20 percent of all worldwide e-commerce in 2022, with sales of $627 billion. It means that Cross Border E-commerce business continues to grow, because of enhanced localization, more payment options, the ease of ordering via mobile, making it easier for consumers to buy things from around the world. The way to boots sales efficiently and to be successful in Cross Broder E-commerce, not only need to concern about the product, competitors, market, promotion channels or transportation, but customer service is also one of the most important factors that should not be...

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Zendesk packages for SMB

Zendesk for SMB: Let’s get started

If you just started your business, you and your team are working hard. Give them the gift of efficiency with “Zendesk for SMB package”. Zendesk is powerful, but easy-to-use. It’s designed to help your team work better together. With Zendesk, your customers can easily reach you via whatever channel suits them best. Such as chat, tickets, email, phone, help centers or communities while still getting that personalized touch from your team. Get ready for your small, nimble team to shine. Moreover, with Zendesk support, you can discover trends and monitor the impact of your operational changes. You can see...

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2022: The year of customer service-led growth

Leaders must always thinking about how to move their company ahead while navigating a constantly changing world. Many organizations are deferring new projects until the picture is clearer, so they are looking for areas where they can make present investments, such as in customer experience. What is the significance of CX? When it comes to human contacts, it’s quality, not number, that counts the most—now more than ever. Invest in CX to grow your bottom line and secure leadership backing Delivering subpar experiences carries a significant risk. Customers have become more picky as a result of the epidemic, according...

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DEMETER ICT was announced as the No.1 Premier Implementation Partner of Zendesk

On January 10, 2022, Zendesk held the SKO 2022 event, Demeter ICT Company Limited was announced by Zendesk as the “No. 1 Premier Implementation Partner” in Thailand and Asia-Pacific region. It was also recognized as a “High Growth Partner Of The Year”. Zendesk Sales Kickoff (SKO) is an annual event at which Zendesk leadership and partners gather to reflect on the previous year’s achievements, provide invaluable product insights, release new updates, and recognize top partners for various accolades. Demeter ICT has been providing Zendesk products since 2017 in Thailand and has continued to grow until now. We have been...

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Using TikTok for customer service: 4 brand examples + takeaways

TikTok has catapulted from home dance routines to a medium for just about everything—including customer support. Take a look at how four prominent brands are using TikTok to boost their CX. TikTok and CX Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has quickly outgrown its reputation as a hub for lip-syncing, dancing teens. The young social media platform is now a cultural force—one that’s growing faster than any other. Unsurprisingly, it’s also now a place where brands can connect with their customers and attract new business. Recent reports suggest TikTok will surpass 1.5 billion users in 2022, and companies have...

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self-service_customer satisfaction

Self-service support: The Top Secret To Customer Satisfaction

Learn how self-service support and agents can work to provide an exceptional service experience that keeps customers coming back. To give outstanding support, customer service teams require their systems, tools, processes—and most of all—people to function in harmony. But in place of personalized service, self-service support is your stand-in, and it has to be just as good as your agents. This harmonic approach is important because 69 percent of consumers want to resolve as many problems as possible on their own via self customer service options, according to the Zendesk Customer Experience Trends Report. Of course, self-service solutions don’t...

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2022 CX Trends: Let Zendesk meet your business needs!

The New Way of CX As a business owner, it is indeed important to pay attention to consumer behavior trends, since technology has an influence on how we live our lives.  However, consumers are looking for something essential and trustworthy. As a result, we are always upgrading and keeping up with the latest developments. So that companies may adapt to the ever-changing demands of their consumers. So, today we have summarized 6 trends in creating CX (Customer Experience) that are suitable for consumer behavior for 2022 by Dr. Warunyu Suchiworaphanpong, CEO of Demeter ICT Company.  He delivered a lecture...

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data integration

DesignLibro: A data integration for seamless experience

DesignLibro, an online start-up seller that is recognized as a top seller on marketplaces like Amazon. They sells pet supplies, home and kitchen, appliances, and home décor items under the brands Petlibro and Toppin. Therefore, they started operations in 2020 and reached the North American market. As a result, the company continued to grow, therefore DesignLibro needed a support system and data integration to serve their growing number of clients and be able to improve their customer service. “The key of customer service is punctuality and delivering complete solutions to customers in order to acquire the trust of customers.”...

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ShopBack + Zendesk: Automating 70% of customer success while empowering agents

ShopBack is the No. 1 rewards and discovery platform in Asia Pacific, enabling savvy shoppers to earn cashback while delivering performance-based marketing solutions to merchants. With an offer almost too good to be true, its customer service has to follow suit. ShopBack’s automation and AI integrations swiftly solve 70% of its customer queries, allowing agents to focus on dealing with more complex issues and to specialize in various customer care areas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhO9vDo8kvk “From seamlessly integrating with our back-end systems to revamping our help center and inspiring us to pursue our chatbot initiative—our partnership with Zendesk has had a significant...

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