Customer success vs customer experience: what’s the difference?

How are customer success and customer experience different? If you don’t know the answer to this question, you’re certainly not alone. The two concepts are often confused because there are some similarities and overlaps. Though they’re both customer-centric roles, customer success and customer experience teams perform distinct functions. Customer success (CS) teams focus on understanding customers’ goals. It helps clients achieve their desired outcomes with a purchased product or service. Meanwhile, customer experience (CX) teams work hard to provide great experiences at every single touchpoint. It works from discovery to purchase and beyond. Without knowing the difference between CS...

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Customer Service in the World of Cryptocurrency

The popularity of digital assets today reflects the changing needs and behaviours of financial services users. According to the Global Monitoring Report, the cryptocurrency market capitalisation has roughly tripled during the COVID-19 pandemic. It could reach a record $2.8 trillion by the end of 2021. As more people turn their attention and participate in the world of digital assets, cryptocurrencies have become the new asset of choice for many investors. These factors have led to the emergence of many cryptocurrency exchange platforms around the world. The attractiveness of the high yield cryptocurrency market continues to attract new investors to this market. As...

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sales and support

Sales and support : Collaborating to increase growth

Retaining existing customers is just as important as acquiring new ones. Sales and support can work together to acquire new customers. However, with fresh challenges constantly arising in the marketplace infrastructure and requirements, simply “retaining” customers is not enough. Rather, businesses must seek to grow with existing clients. It has to enhance the value of these relationships over time. You should note that existing clients spend almost 31% more than new customers. Similarly, current customers are 60-70% likely to buy from you again. It’s a big difference compared to the 5-20% purchase likelihood of new prospects. While revenue-generating activities...

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5 biggest sales trends to watch for 2022

The key trends you can’t ignore if you want to be ready for the 2022 sales market. We’re well into 2022, and, just like last year, sales are in a unique place. Buyers continue to work remotely, online sales increase, and the pandemic has left companies on edge.  Despite everything, your company’s goal for the coming year is probably the same as always: to grow and increase sales revenue. To do that, you’ll need to be more informed than ever about buyer behavior, recent trends in selling (including B2B sales), and trends in sales management.  In this piece, we...

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What is the CRM process? 5 key steps

The CRM process is a strategy for keeping every customer interaction personalised and meaningful that consists of five main steps. Consumers today expect a personalised customer experience catering to them as individuals. In order to meet these expectations, you have to understand what your audience wants and needs, and you must understand how to deliver on these requirements better than your competition. The CRM process helps your organisation achieve these goals. What is the CRM process? The CRM process is a strategy for keeping every customer interaction personalised and meaningful that consists of five main steps. A customer relationship...

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What is customer-facing? Everything you need to know about customer-facing roles​

Learn about customer-facing roles, what kind of people do well in them, and how to improve your own customer-facing skills. Any type of career a person chooses will require developing a relevant skillset. People who choose to work in customer-facing roles have to learn a set of skills that are as much about honing personality traits as learning facts. Working with customers can be immensely rewarding for people who enjoy helping others. But anyone considering a career that involves interacting with clients or customers directly will need to understand: What customer-facing jobs entail How to develop the proper skills...

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How to launch a digital customer experience transformation_eng

How to launch a digital customer experience transformation

What is a customer experience transformation? First, let’s start with what the customer experience is: it’s everything related to a business that affects a customer’s perception and feelings about it. As previously mentioned, that includes customer service, but it also touches on the purchasing experience, marketing efforts, advertisements, and so on. When that experience is working well, your customers will be pleased and your business will thrive. But every business at some point will need to undergo a customer experience transformation. While transforming that experience isn’t for the faint of heart—it’s complicated and challenging, and it touches on every...

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3 ways to say no to customers in a positive way_eng

3 ways to say no to customers in a positive way

3 ways to say no to customers in a positive way If you’re wondering how to say no to a customer without causing a stir, you’re not alone. Saying no is a lot more fraught than it used to be. In the past, when you couldn’t meet a customer’s demands, you might face anger or irritation and feel stressed out. Facing verbally or physically abusive customers was rare. While bad customer behavior is on the rise, most consumers still accept that they can’t get their way all the time. It’s more important than ever for customer service representatives to...

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5 tips for improving your customer self-service strategy

5 tips for improving your customer self-service strategy What is customer self-service?  Customer self-service is the process by which customers resolve their own problems without help from a support agent.  With today’s self-service tools, self customer service isn’t relegated to one platform. A customer can chat with a bot on your mobile app that connects that customer with a help center article. Your company can follow up via automated text message to see if the customer got answers they needed. If not, the customer can schedule a call with a support representative at their convenience. The foundation of a...

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